LifeVision Church Baltimore

Pastor Sherry & Deacon Tony Grant, Servant Leaders

Pastor’s Bible Study/LVC Baltimore Mar.10th 2020


Psychological/Cerebral Slavery

Free Me From Any Form Of Mental Slavery Keeping Me From My Promises

It struck me during my meditation for teaching this series that one of the trademarks or symbols of the human condition is the fight to discover who we are, and to become the person we are called to be.  Where are you on the spectrum of finding out your true identity based on what God has called you to be versus what you feel like you’re supposed to be? This is where slavery comes from. It comes from wanting to be something you’re not supposed to be. Wanting to be what your family wants you to be versus who God has called you to be.

God does not want slaves.  The slave mentality is one in which the slaves guard themselves and limit themselves by their own self-imposed restrictions and margins.  

In Numbers 13, ten of the twelve spies that were sent on a great mission that was meant to impact a lot of people’s lives; they limited their own potential because of something called cerebral or rational emotional and psychological slavery.

The Israelites were still thinking like slaves, not like freedmen.  

In what ways does this describe you?

God wanted and still wants free men who can/could stand on their own and act on their own, secure in the knowledge that God was on their side without pleading to him for help.  

As a result, the Israelites were destined to stay stuck in the wilderness until the last of the slaves who had escaped Egypt died.  God in His Word points us all to Caleb and Joshua as examples of what real men and women are called to be in the sight of the Lord.

Not only that he shows us that He also rewards these kind of leaders with what something that he purposely doesn’t allow the rest of Israel to experience.

This is an important point of focus for the intentional:  God does not want dependents.  

God wants free men, capable of making our own choices and decisions. God wants people courageous enough to learn His voice. He wants those who are free enough to even be able to our own mistakes.  God wants us as willing partners in our own lives, choosing to follow in his path of our own free will and in the full knowledge that the choice is ours. 

What are you a slave to today?  With all the that’s been poured into you, what do you still need freedom from?

What prevents you from realizing the plans God has for you? 

Once you identify what has you enslaved at the level of your mentality and your perspective, then and only then will you shed the Egypt way of thinking and living and be free to live the maximum life!

There are doors that won’t open for you until you change your mind. Radical measures have to be taken to leave this kind of mindset.

The majority will have the perspective of the ten spies. There is only going to be a small remnant of people willing to leave the majority and think free!

Joshua and Caleb had a different spirit. What’s your spirit like? What do people say about you when you aren’t around?

Can you handle it?

LVC Baltimore Pastor’s Bible Study Notes March 2, 2020

What’s the point of your life? What are you doing here?

James 4:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes

This is really important for us to look at as a people. As church. As a community of believers. As a family. As a couple. As a single person. A business man. A minister. Whatever you are? What’s the point?

If you die tomorrow and there’s an obituary read at your home going. What is it going to say? What have you done with your time here?

Are you satisfied? Content with your contributions on the earth. With your growth. With how you’ve handled your relationships. Your purpose and assignment. Would it read that you’re a selfish person. What are you building as far as legacy.

  • Do you have fruit on your spiritual tree? Will there be people who’s lives have been touched in a way THATS helped them to grow and touch others because of your life?

This is what we are going to explore during this sermon series. Because the truth is none of us are here forever.

The Bible says life is but a vapor. James 4:14

You can live your time on this earth for you or you can live it with intention.

So, during this study I want us to look at the thieves or robbers of us doing anything of magnitude with our life. Tonight let’s look at complacency or the attitude of average.

  • The attitude of Average looks at what everyone else is doing and rationalizes that what you’re doing is fine.

When you look at our church and the work we are doing. How many look around and say it’s good enough. Whatever your role of service. People look at what they’re doing and say it’s ok.

None writes in the space of their obituary the ok things people did. They look for the things they have done that were outstanding.

And until we begin to unlearn the average way of thinking we will continue to be far from impressive and impactful or like Christ on the earth.

In Numbers 13-14 the Israelites were standing on the edge of Canaan. Canaan was the land that God had promised to give them many years before they ever got here. And now they’re there.

Did you know God has promised some stuff to you and you’re there now. You’re right at the edge of what God promised you.

And remember the reason why it took so long for them to get there? Average thinking. Being complainers. Being negative. Constantly comparing their new normal to Egypt and making Egypt seem better than freedom.

Their attitude of average thinking was robbing them of doing anything impactful with their lives. So the older ones their obituary read they got out but died in the wilderness because their attitudes stunk.

In spite of theme experiencing firsthand the power of deliverance, they still couldn’t make the transition when it came to their cognitive distortions and their daily habits and lifestyle. So they missed out on making impact.

  • Numbers 13 they finally got to what could have been the end of a long journey. Here God commanded Moses to send some less than average men from out of the congregation out ahead to spy out and see what the land was like.

Now let’s be clear. We know God knew what it was like. But he sent them to see what their mentality was like at this point after all he brought them through.

God is always testing you to see what your attitude is like. Are you still thinking like an average person after all God has done for you?

God basically wanted the children of Israel to see what they were facing and see if they were mentally emotionally spiritually strong enough to move forward in faith.

  • The spies were gone for forty days. Forty being biblically a Number that marks a moment of transition, transformation and transcendence.

And while they were gone they saw a few things. They saw that it was an amazing place. The other thing they saw was that the people who were living there were scary. Numbers 13:21-24

Don’t allow the fear of what’s not to be what stops you from moving forward in what God has promised you. Do you know what he’s promised you versus your ambitions and goals?

  • When they came back with their report to give Moses and the people, ten of the spores in fear and with the attitude of the average or in this case the majority said it was foolish to try to do anything else.

They said the promises of God are impossible.

How many people are doing this in real life? 

Do you want your obituary to read “They didn’t believe what God promised them was possible”

Thankfully, two guys out of the twelve didn’t give into the pack mentality. They said we CAN DO IT.